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KFC Templecloud hit set for Top 40!?

Posted 27 May 2011 by Tamar

Simon Gwilliam - the man behind Templecloud - is one of Hear No Evil's longest-standing composers, and we are really proud to have been able to give him a launchpad to a pop career. It's been a completely spontaneous and sudden thing - although people will I'm sure suggest that this has a "plot" and is all part of a planned career development path a la songs on John Lewis adverts, I can assure you hand on heart it isn't!

When KFC, via The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music Company (ad agency BBH's in-house music company), asked us for a re-record of Embrace's 'One Big Family' for their new campaign it was essentially just another job for us. We tried a couple of approaches but Simon's version - using session singer Hannah Symons - was instantly the obvious one for us to go with and KFC agreed.

As soon as the ad campaign appeared, things went mental. It was the number one most Shazam-ed song for at least a couple of weeks, and someone put a YouTube clip up saying it was Paloma Faith - which she then denied on Twitter, only fuelling interest. A Tweet from Lily Allen asking who sung the song confirmed it as a phenomenon.

Meanwhile Hannah was showing some serious resourcefulness and tenacity in pursuing pop manager Hillary Shaw (Girls Aloud, Dannii Minogue), who agreed the single was a potential huge hit and brought Polydor into the equation.

Thus 'One Big Family' was released under the Templecloud name on 24th May and is currently at number 11 and climbing in the iTunes charts.

This has been an absolutely insane ride. The advert only aired on 2nd April, so all of this has happened very fast. It's been a real rapid lesson in how quickly public demand can now transform into an actual move on the charts.

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