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A nostalgic Halloween with Allez Allez

Posted 23 Oct 2009 by Allez Allez

As the shadows lengthen and winter closes in we're expanding our ongoing quest to bring you the best in relevant, diverse music - old and new, by joining forces with our old muso industry friends.

Kicking off this month we've been working with Sam Willis (one half of DJ/prodcers/dance experts Allez-Allez) to bring you a Halloween inspired mix of suitably devilish numbers to add a few glittering disco gems to your spooky playlist for this weekend.

Horror movies have always been grounded in sex, suspense and death, something often crystalised to memorable effect in their soundtracks. Who could imagine Halloween without John Carpenter's tense piano arpeggios and icy synth strings? Or Twin Peaks without Angelo Badalamenti's haunting collaboration with Julee Cruse for 'Falling'?

As with so many things, the 80s cast an indelible shadow on music of this ilk. The advent of synthesizers and drum machines saw the likes of Sci-Fi / Horror auteur John Carpenter, and notably Tangerine Dream create dark, ethereal worlds through menacing minor chords, heavy reverbed drums, and squalling FX. This music was quality. It spilled out of the cinema and oozed onto discerning dancefloors such as the infamous Studio 54, where the wild melodies and grooves provided some bite for hedonistic clubbers - Cerrone's 'Supernature' being a particularly apt example.

To illustrate this, our Halloween special mix includes work by old masters such as Carpenter, the cult Italian prog/psyche band Goblin, and recently rediscovered disco-noir fantasist Bernard Fevre AKA Black Devil Disco Club, We also have the modern, unhinged baroque pop of John Maus and retro- synth fetishists Legowelt, Den Haan and Black Meteoric Star to bring us a little more up to date.

Nearly 30 years on this new generation have clearly been seduced by the original equipment (purring analogue beasts like the Roland Juno-60 and Jupiter 8) and techniques, as well as spring and plate reverbs and recording to tape.

In a world of sterile manufactured mainstream music, we think these edgy, emotive, bombastic tracks feel more vital and urgent than ever. Have a listen for yourself and have a wickedly weird and wonky Halloween!

Til next time.


  1. John Carpenter - The End (Disco Mix)
  2. Black Meteoric Star - World Eater
  3. Goblin ? Tenebre
  4. John Maus - Times Is Weird
  5. Legowelt - Mystery Organization
  6. Den Haan - Release The Beast
  7. Cerrone ? Supernature
  8. Bottin - Disco For The Devil
  9. Black Devil Disco Club - Timing Forget The Timing (Kerrier District Remix)


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