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ASOS: Urban Tour

Posted 14 Sep 2011 by Jane

Working with Stink Digital and BBH we've had our noses to the grindstone for the last month working on the epic new website, ASOS: Urban Tour, with our partners Plan8. Now it's live we can shout from the hill-tops at last!

From the outset this was an amazingly exciting brief for our SoundController software. Finally we have had the chance to really show-off what we can do with music and sound-design to make a website more immersive, more exciting and way more high-end. Music is without doubt one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage people and, combined with the interactivity of the web, this makes for a show-stopping site.

ASOS Urban Tour

The main track is the epic 16Bit remix of "Machine Gun" by Noisia. First off we processed the track through SoundController to make sure we could stop, start, rewind and essentially play about with it to our hearts content. We then created original tracks for each of the amazing street dancers - Baby Bang, Lil Buck, Zeus, Loony, Marcio to compliment their styles for the solo break-outs - balletic, popping, breaking, crunking - each needed a track to showcase their style.

Once all the tracks were written, they were processed with SoundController, plugged into the site and to finish off we added acoustics, sound effects, transitions and plenty of creative magic to make sure all the trigger points worked beautifully to make a seamless, unique soundtrack for the site.

People have been talking about interactive videos for a while and we've been eager to see one that actually pulls it off.

Well, here it is, ASOS: Urban Tour


Massive props to our Swedish partners Plan8 and Sherv.

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