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Glo-Fi says Allez Allez

Posted 17 Feb 2010 by Allez Allez

This month we're talking about Chillwave, Glo-Fi, (or Hypnogogic Pop if you listen to The Wire). Our friend Sam [Allez-Allez] has kindly put together a mix to make things crystal clear for you.

We live in an age of musical micro-genres, where the online community of critics and bloggers attempt to keep pace with the dizzying array of new music pouring into their inboxes from all over the world. Whether it be through a trusted label or self-released, these genres leap into being, formed by an uneasy consensus around a loose collection of bands who would probably disavow membership of said genre for fear of being labeled a trend jumping hipsters...

Chillwave's essential components include '80s pop references dubbed out with echo, reverb and fuzzy vocal harmonies, and most likely the whole thing is recorded to cassette tape for a truly nostalgic feel. Yum.

Still, glibness aside, there are some truly great pop moments emerging from this so called 'scene' - whether it be the St. Etienne inspired husky murmurings of Sweden's jj, the sunkissed beach jams of Georgia's Washed Out or the heavy slumping beats of Columbia, South Carolina's Toro Y Moi (all included in the podcast amongst others).

With the rumblings of a Chillwave backlash already on the horizon (!) let's rejoice while we can in some catchy, melodic, hypnotic songs that are easy on the ear, beautifully accessible and even charming. Your dad might quite like it too!

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