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Internet Explorer 9 Launch - Demo Website

Posted 26 Oct 2010 by Jane

We were very privileged and excited to be asked to create the sound for a website commissioned by Microsoft to demonstrate their new browser, Internet Explorer 9. What could be more fitting to show off the awesome power of IE9 than an application featuring the latest concept car from the ultimate driving machine - BMW and a progressive, electronic track from our amazing composer Si Begg.

Below is a video capture of a user exploring the website. This isn't flash, it's pure HTML, for those of you that aren't geeks, trust us when we say this is groundbreaking!

The demo was such a success that it has been used in the keynote speech for the browser launch in the USA, has been used at various industry events and will soon take pride of place on stage at Microsoft's annual conference.

You can check out Joy Defines The Future yourself, but be warned most web browsers can't handle the heat so you'll need either IE9 or Google Chrome to view the site.

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