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Introducing SoundController

Posted 17 Nov 2010 by Jane

Our amazing new digital engine means your interactive environment can now have a constant soundtrack which progresses, adapts and responds to changes in picture. Now your web visitors can create unique, tailored & integrated soundtracks as complex and dynamic as the visuals they support.

Check out our demo to see how the engine works and drop Ross a line to talk through how you can use SoundController in your next digital project.

We are the only music company in the UK providing this technology and we'd like to work with progressive and innovative brands and Agencies to test the full creative potential.

The SoundController provides the ability to keep your website visitors as engaged as possible by supporting the visual content in a musically creative way. The user can manipulate and develop the track and sound-design depending on their navigational journey through the website.

Some of the SoundController benefits:

  • Dynamic and Interactive musical manipulation
  • Bespoke or published tracks can be developed
  • Beat sync for smooth transitions and events
  • Seamlessly integrate site sounds and embedded movies
  • Easy, remote implementation for developers
  • Lightweight and Flexible

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