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Lunchtime Sessions #1 Barbarossa (Memphis Industries)

Posted 29 Apr 2013 by Lawrence

So, having been at Hear No Evil for just a couple of months, I had the pleasure of being part of the first HNE Lunchtime Session of 2013.
Producing a pop-up type acoustic session is always a tough one as they are usually in cramped spaces, with less equipment, PA, entourage and crowds. Some artists do find it hard to get into the groove, especially at 1pm in a candlelit basement of one of Soho's most hype-worthy steak restaurants.

Not Mr Mathé though.

The artist of the month, Memphis Industries' own Barbarossa (James Mathé) had absolutely nailed it on the day. The fact that most guests were crunching on Flat Iron's own freshly popped corn while he was deftly performing his take on dusky electronics, didn't phase him one bit. The crowd were mesmerised, nodding, appreciating and taking it in. And they weren't the only one. I distinctly remember that this lunchtime experience beat any other I'd had of late (probably spent daydreaming staring out of a Pret window).

Barbarossa's live performance has been honed by recent supports with Policia around the UK and Europe, and his ease with the crowd was testament to how hard he had been working. So do keep an eye on this guy as he looks to release his debut later in 2013.

And in the meantime I will be trying to place his songs on as many opportunities as possible, because the masses really need to hear this man Barbarossa.

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