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Vision Sound Music: South Bank Sept 2011

Posted 9 Sep 2011 by Ross Tones

Fallon kindly asked us, along with many other music companies, to help them out with their presentation at the VSM Festival. Their talented Creative Directors; John Allison and Chris Bovill, alongside Producer Lisa Mason, gave us an edited film created from turn of the century pond documentaries, their intention being to demonstrate how powerful music can be in changing a viewers experience of the same footage, when combined with contrasting sound-tracks.

We decided to use this as an opportunity to crowd source from our ever-expanding pool of talented new composers, as well as work with some of our more established producers (if they weren't flat-out in production already). Our brief for them was to have fun with the picture and showcase their own distinctive production styles and we had an overwhelming response with some amazing interpretations!

Chris and John's presentation was great, showing examples of their work as well as showcasing their favourite 'New' films. Of the 10 films presented, 4 were tracks written by Hear No Evil composers, so, naturally, the show was fantastic.

The compositions featured were by:

  • Alien Pimp
  • Throwing Snow
  • Sam Kidel
  • Max Wheeler

Massive thanks to all the composers who produced tracks for the project! Big ups go to Dan Tapper, Gus Savy, Jack Davey, Jeremy Lloyd, Laurie Shenoda, Philip Stainton, Richard Keyworth, Tim Alcock, Tim Crosbie, Will Plowman, Philip Lee Morris, Yemi Olagbaiye, Silviu Costinescu, Max Wheeler, Sam Kiddell and Alien Pimp

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