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We won a Lion at Cannes this year!

Posted 9 Jul 2012 by Jane

Cannes Lions 2012 logoYipeee! We have a Cyber Lion for Best Music and Sound Design on the ASOS Urban Tour Website and it goes without saying that we're absolutely chuffed and very proud of all the work that went into the campaign. Big props go to our friends at Stink Digital and BBH, and of course our wonderful partners in crime - Plan8 the bestest Swedes ever and the geniuses behind the SoundController technology.

To celebrate, we're giving away 2 tickets to the Dimensions Festival in Croatia later this summer. To enter, make sure you're a friend of the Hear No Evil Facebook Page and 'like' the boat party photo. We'll pick a winner at random and announce on our Facebook Page on Monday 23rd July so you have plenty of time to book your flights and accommodation.

Sound of the Cosmos Boat Party

To get you in the mood we've put together a Boat Party Mix and we asked the lovely Joe Muggs to help us out with some choice selections to compliment the best summery releases from our label friends. Joe is programming The Sound Of The Cosmos boat party with Tom Middleton at Dimensions so we thought he'd be the best man for the job.

Joe says: "It's a tough time to be a journalist right now but a great time to be a DJ or curator, as club music right now is as mercurial as it's ever been: hard to pin down but great to play with. In the wake of dubstep's shaking down of the old heirarchies of post-rave sounds, there has been a radical cross-fertilisation going on which seems to have come to a head this year. In a sense, anything goes, with any and all tempos and influences open for the taking - but this absolutely does not mean that we're in the midst of some post-modern undifferentiated mush of sound. Quite the opposite: it means that the specifics of connection and difference are what matter, and that the role of DJs and curators in finding coherent narratives within the confusion is more important than ever.

Sounds of the Cosmos"That's why, with the electronic music legend Tom Middleton, I've formed the Sound Of The Cosmos label: to trace links between eras, genres and scenes, and to create a coherent musical personality from those links. And it's why I've made this mix. In one sense, it's just good-times summer music, the kind we'll be playing at our SOTC boat party, but it's also about that act of tracing a theme though the shifting tempos of ambient, psychedelic hip hop, the gentle drift of the Slugrave sound, moombahton, nu disco, chugging Australian techno, Scottish indie-dance, post-dubstep and more and keeping it steady as she goes. There are labels here that are radically internationalist (Generation Bass) and hyper local (Glasgow's Chemikal Underground, and acts brand new (Wolverhampton-via-Leeds synth-funk collective Paper Tiger) and established (Devon deep house don Andy Compton, Norwegian disco king Todd Terje), but (hopefully!) it all makes sense in the mix.

Track listing

  1. VVV 'Arrival' (Sound Of The Cosmos)
  2. Jabru 'Glass Floor (Dub)' (Sound Of The Cosmos)
  3. Blend 'Bibabo' (92 Points)
  4. Paper Tiger 'Priceless' (Wah Wah 45s)
  5. Andy Compton 'Take It Easy feat. Liquideep' (Peng)
  6. Sonido Berzerk 'Rain' (Liga Mexican del Bass)
  7. Anon 'Jungle Rag' (Bad Panda Records)
  8. Oktored 'Dark Jupiter' (Generation Bass)
  9. John Talabot 'Destiny feat. Pional'
  10. CSMNT61 'Keep Holding On' (Motorik)
  11. Miaoux Miaoux 'Hey Sound!' (Chemikal Underground)
  12. Pional 'Where Eagles Dare'
  13. Todd Terje 'Inspector Norse'
  14. Delorean 'Season'
  15. Ce Ce Rogers 'Someday (Royce Rolls Mix)'
  16. Silkie Distal & Mite 'Something Wrong With Daisy (Mite's Daisy's From Chicago Edit)' (Sound of the Cosmos)
  17. Baishe Kings 'Excuse Me'

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